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Our product range delivers high levels of protein, vitamins and minerals with a wide range of functional and health-boosting properties. These ingredients can be consumed easily in a variety of formats.

We control every single aspect of the process – from producing compost to growing, harvesting, processing, packing and delivering. This guarantees 100% traceability at every stage.

Whole Mushroom Powder

A single source of proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals, our whole mushroom powder is a powerful concentration of all the mushroom’s goodness. Together with these nutrients, our whole mushroom powder offers a unique combination of functionality and flavour.

Vitamin D Powder

A potent ingredient with an extra boost of Vitamin D. Vitamin D powder is a natural way to counter dietary deficiency. Totally vegan, it can be customised to your exact product needs to work towards achieving the daily reference intake. Also available in Organic.

Products in the pipeline

We’re always working to expand our range. These products are currently under development:

Vitamin B12 powder

Our vitamin B12 powder fights fatigue and enhances energy levels.

Selenium powder

Our selenium powder works to improve immune function and mental health.


Contains all of the essential amino acids for a balanced diet, muscle building and satiety.