What we do

Fermentation and bioprocess engineering. A team with the skills and experience to perform all types of microbial fermentation research and process development. We have worked with a variety of production organisms – both GMO and native strains – including high-cell density recombinant strains at both laboratory and commercial production levels. We work with small shake flasks and bioreactor systems at bench scale, increasing to pilot and commercial volumes when needed. The team also offers expertise in filtration science and protein purification.

Strain development and protein engineering. A specialist team developing novel production organisms for use in industrial applications. Novel enzyme activities are tailored to customers’ needs for robustness and efficacy through protein engineering.

Commercial applications development. Our commercial applications team conducts experiments designed to meet specific, individual customer demand in a co-development environment, carefully tailored at each stage of the development process. We work at a variety of scales, from microtube/plate to large-scale pilot reactions. The team can perform applications development at partner and customer sites.

Analytical development and quality control. Our analytical development team provide routine analytical support for the fermentation and commercial application teams, and perform a variety of routine testing to ensure product quality and consistency of both our fermentation and application processes. Method development and assay improvement are also key functional elements of this group.

Bioinformatics. The bioinformatics function is market-driven, working closely with our other scientists to utilise the advances in genome sequencing technologies to achieve a more rapid and efficient discovery of gene candidates for future enzyme products. Sophisticated computational tools together with advanced bioinformatics expertise serve to facilitate these biotechnological advances by interpreting the now vast database of genomic information.

Research and development

See our R&D initiatives page for information regarding our current initiatives which are co-funded by the European Regional Development Fund and Enterprise Ireland under the Border, Midland and Western Regional Operational Programme 2014-2020.