Our proposition

Partnerships. The Monaghan Biosciences philosophy is to encourage new ideas and develop new ways of problem-solving. We adopt a can-do approach in our collaborative relationships, working with our partners in the pursuit of excellence. We encourage knowledge and know-how sharing, whether we are working with off-the-shelf-style products from our ‘enzyme library’ or in co-development initiatives, and we are always delighted to share thinking to improve and apply our technologies. Since our inception in 2012 we have built a proven track record and acknowledged professional standards. All relationships are protected by our stringent code of practice, covering confidentiality, due diligence and ethical practice. We develop mutually beneficial partnering strategies built around innovative thinking, effective planning, environmental sustainability, respect and shared ethos.

Collaboration and co-development. Our teams of scientists provide tailored solutions, products and services. We welcome collaboration and co-development whether in niche or large-scale commercial production markets, developing processes appropriate to the scale of our partner.

But our collaboration doesn’t end there. Our business development and commercial applications teams work with our customer teams to maximise the business opportunities created through our co-developed solutions.

Innovation. We continuously develop techniques and products to meet our own innovation targets, in addition to working with our customers to help streamline and optimise their projects. Innovation is the core of everything we do.